14:15 - 15:45
Session 1.7: Transnational City-to-City Learning to accelerate urban adaptation
Responding to the challenge of climate adaptation and seizing the opportunities places complex demands on cities including decision makers, city planners, engineers, architects and citizens. These demands and the rapid changes occurring in cities, call for accelerated learning through ‘learning from each other’ (peer learning). Transnational cooperation between cities is facilitated by a novel approach of peer learning: transnational City-to-City learning. But what drives city-to-city learning and what are the enabling conditions? Who will take the lead? This session aims to bring together bad, best and next practices and will conclude with tangible recommendations for city leaders.


C4016 -
Introduction to the main idea of session & City-to-City learning
  • Speaker - C. Zevenbergen
Exemplary practices and methods from 10 cities from the Interreg NSR project BEGIN
Exemplary practices and methods from the delta networks of the Delta Alliance
Enablers and barriers for City-to-City learning in developing countries
City-to-city learning in transnational climate networks