16:15 - 17:45
Session 2.8: The knowledge nexus of water quality management: leading principles, leading institutes and personal leadership
Background information
Water quality is a prime concern to humanity all around the world. Water quality goals have been embedded in leading principles at the global (e.g. the
Sustainable Development Goals, UN) and national (e.g. Ecological Key Factors, STOWA) scale and have been embedded in international (e.g. Water Framework Directive, EU) and national legislation. The Netherlands has a rich history in water quality management and as a whole aims to be world leading in tackling water quality issues from both a scientific and practical standpoint. To this end a large number of leading organisations exist, each with its own role, that are engaged in the water sector. And last but not least, the individuals within these institutions and aiming for those goals are shaping their own niche through
personal leadership.
Main idea of the session
Here we use the term ‘knowledge nexus’ for the combination of leading principles, leading organizations and personal leadership to stress that in our opinion ‘science for impact’ arises from synergy between those elements. Moreover, we see a creative tension between the cooperative connotation of ‘nexus’ and competitive connotation of ‘leadership’. In practice, we aim to make the ‘knowledge nexus of water quality management’ operational by 1) exploring the leading principles in national and international water quality management, 2) mapping the leading Dutch organizations involved in this sector, 3) examining how individual leadership and goals align with and contribute to institutional goals and general leading principles and 4) discussing how we can maximize personal and institutional impact and find a balance in cooperation and competition towards the end goal of improving water quality management and meeting the global and national goals of water quality.
Main structure of the session 
We will organize a session with a strong focus on out-of-thebox thinking and a range of people of different backgrounds in the Dutch water sector. Half
the session will be dedicated to interactive discussion with the audience, gauging their personal and institutional motivation and their ideas on what leading principles in water quality management are and should be. The goal of this session is to understand and improve the Dutch water quality landscape and its international embedding from both a personal, institutional and general view. Thereby promoting synergies between the people and organizations and maximize the impact of the Dutch water sector towards reaching overarching global water quality goals.

C3020 -
    • Chair - S. Teurlincx
Intermezzo for feedback from the audience
Closing remarks
Introductory presentation
  • Speaker - W.M. Mooij
Short presentations by various speakers