10:45 - 12:15
Session 3.4 / 4.4: From Mountains to Deltas – adapting to climate change along South Asia’s major rivers
South Asia is one of the world’s climate adaptation hotspots, where climate change-induced shifts in the timing and pattern of rainfall and of glacier and snow runoff, are already having an impact on water resources, including water availability and energy security across the region. As most of South Asia is dependent on monsoon rain for agriculture, any changes in the monsoon cycle are going to have implications for food and nutritional security in the region.
Because of climate change, the frequency and intensity of extreme events such as floods, heatwaves, and droughts are projected to increase, with implications for human health and safety. Coupled with demographic and socioeconomic changes, climate change will affect the lives and livelihoods of over 1.5 billion people living in the mountains, floodplains and deltas of South Asia’s rivers.
With this session, we aim to present the state of the art on climate change and climate adaptation through stories and science presentations and, by exchanging the latest knowledge about climate change adaptation in this globally important climate change hot spot. There is a lot of novel research
that can be shared, and dialogue that needs to take place on the future contribution of science to adaptation.
We organise a mix of science presentations, followed by a Dialogue Session, which will address the way science can lead to impact, how important climate adaptation in South Asia is on a global scale, and with special attention to links with the Netherlands. And we look ahead and discuss a future science and impact agenda; what do we need to know more, and how can this contribute to action?

C3040 -
    • Chair - C. Siderius
Climate change shifts in snow and glacier melt and implications for downstream runoff & Future water gap
  • Speaker - A.F. Lutz
Turning points and adaptation pathways in the wheat breadbasket of the Indo-Gangetic plain and information services to farmers
  • Speaker - S.E. Werners
Migration and adaptation in the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta
  • Speaker - S.O.H. Hazra
The role of power in CCA
Hydropower Development and Water Governance: The Production of Hydroscapes in India
  • Speaker - J. Budds
Water Resource Planning Under Future Climate and Socioeconomic Uncertainty in the Cauvery River Basin in Karnataka, India