10:45 - 12:15
Session 3.9: Metals in the water cycle: insight and opportunities for the circular economy
The content of the session will start to inform the audience about this topic and the research we have done (see below under ‘background information’) and to invite them for thinking ahead. How can we make the recovery of the metals form the watercycle happen as a part of the circular economy? What is
needed from companies, waterboards, scientists, but also policy makers and mining companies. Can we draw and create a roadmap to this sustainable future?
Conference presentations:

C4015 -
Detection of metals in water, sludge and fly ash: method development and concentrations
  • Speaker - E.R. de Buijzer
Opportunities for removal and recovery of metals from water, sludge and fly ash
  • Speaker - K. Roest
Future insight of sewage, sludge and recovery and reuse of metals according to Water Board Limburg
  • Speaker - S. Hanneman
Electro coagulation for metal removal in practice and future developments.
  • Speaker - S. op den Kelder