14:00 - 15:30
Session 4.6 / 5.6: Effect-directed Monitoring tools to assess Ecological and human health Risks of Chemicals of Emerging concern in the water cycle
The Partnership STW/STOWA/KWR/TKI Water Technology Contaminants of Emerging Concerns in the Water Cycle Programme calls for proposals to setup an effect directed monitoring (EDM) approach to meet the demands of national water bodies to monitor the human and environmental health risks associated with contaminants of emerging concern (CEC) in water for consumption. The EMERCHE project, which is funded through this programme outlines such an approach in which it develops a sensitive bioassay battery identifying perturbations of CECs in water samples to key events (KE) in adverse outcome
pathways (AOP) related to narcosis (basal cytotoxicity), reactive toxicity, endocrine disruption, microbial ecosystem function and chemical resistance. The approach embraces OneHealth principles that aim to link human, animal and environmental health.
In this session the project team will present the first results and future plans and activities of the EMERCHE project (talks 1 and 3 through 6) as well as present the results of the similar, almost finished EU Solutions project (talk 2) and the view of four stakeholders (talk 7 through 10), followed by a final round table discussion of 30 minutes. The stakeholders will present their view on the subject so the issue is looked at from all possible angles. This will facilitate
the adoption and implementation of the tools developed by the project by the end users and other stakeholders, which is greatly needed given the need for a better compliance with the Water Framework Directive in 2027.


C4016 -
    • Chair - P.J. van den Brink
Introduction and background of the EMERCHE project
  • Speaker - P.J. van den Brink
Effect directed monitoring, lessons from the Solutions project
  • Speaker - A. Focks
Effect directed monitoring to assess human health risks
  • Speaker - A.P. van Wezel
Results “review” en plans for EMERCHE project: Ecology
  • Speaker - L. Schuijt
New developments using microbial assays
  • Speaker - H. Smidt
Results “review” en plans for EMERCHE project: Human health
  • Speaker - V. de Gussem