14:00 - 15:30
Session 4.8: System analysis is key to managing lake eutrophication issues
This session encompasses four presentations and a plenary discussion with attendees that hopefully is a mixed community of different stakeholders from
government, industry, consultancy and science. The session is devoted to eutrophication (the over enrichment of surface waters with nutrients), which is the most important water quality threat worldwide. Given that each water body has unique features and that broad-scale generalizations will not deliver sufficient support for adequate treatment of the problem in individual lakes, prompted us to emphasize on site specific diagnosis (system analysis) and tailor-made solutions, where in-lake actions may often be indispensable. Interaction between and with stakeholders is crucial in problem solving, yet the mosaic landscape of stakeholders ambitions might be a challenge. In addition, different players are not always informed about the pressures, powers and demands on the various playing fields. The discussion is meant to learn from each other, get insight in knowledge gaps, challenges and to identify opportunities in a changing world, but mostly on how to get organized in such a way that the growing eutrophication problems can be dealt with adequately. The presentations are meant to provide background, but also to give examples of the prospective from different angles; science, consultancy, water authority and local government.

C3043 -
    • Chair - M. Lürling
Recent developments of tools for water system analysis
  • Speaker - M. Klinge
In-lake measures are crucial in mitigating eutrophication nuisance
  • Speaker - M. Lürling
Lake and pond restoration from the water authorities perpective
  • Speaker - G. Waajen
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This presentation by Mariëlle van Dalen will be on another case of an official bathing water in an urban area that underwent lake rehabilitation more than 10 years ago and will be needing repeated intervention in the near future. Mariëlle will highlight how the municipality is organized and operating around these issues. She works at the city of Tilburg on the water and sewer systems. She is involved in the research of water quality of water bodies suffering from recurring cyanobacterial blooms.