16:00 - 17:30
Session 5.11: Water, peace and security: assessing risks and exploring mitigation options

Since ancient times, water has played a key role in both cooperation and conflict. It is feared that in the future, human security may be compromised which may lead to more frequent conflicts, as pressures over water are growing due to economic growth, population growth, ecological degradation, climate change, urbanization, changing life-styles and growing demand for water from the energy sector.

The Water, Peace and Security project, conducted by a consortium of IHE, WRI, Deltares, HCSS, Wetlands International, and International Alert, and supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, works on the development of tools and approaches to inform on water-induced human insecurity risks and on ways to prevent and reduce these risks.

The special session will first explore the relationship between water security and human and political security. Next organizers will present the first iteration of a global water and conflict early warning system and a framework for intervention analysis on water and conflict issues in a specific hotspot context, using a case from Mali.

The session will conclude by discussing possible mitigating solutions and strategies, both in the hydrologic, political and economic sphere, as well as strategies for raising these issues on national and global leadership agendas.

C3016 -
    • Chair - K. Meijer
Welcome and introduction
  • Speaker - R. Sasse
A global early warning tool for water-induced conflict risks
  • Speaker - C. Iceland
Rapid analysis to assess water resources, security risks and response options
    • Chair - H. de Rijke
Discussion in groups: suitability of the tools, suggestions