16:00 - 17:30
Session 5.9: Knowledge Impulse Water Quality” – bridging the science-management gap in a focused program for impact (continuation of session 4.9)
Subsession 2: Solution- focus science
The second sub-session encompasses case studies of scientific progress geared towards impacts on water management. Many projects disentangle impacts of complex stressor combinations on water quality, with scientific methods. The example case studies all report on the state of the art in science,
and the readiness to provide scientific support for decision making sooner or later. The session theme unfolds as follows. The co-chairs again introduce the logics of the session order, as follows. First, the substantial progress of the EU-MARS project are elaborated, with an outlook into the Knowledge Impulse efforts on multiple stressors and Ecological Status impacts; here it is the ecology that is key as protected item. Second, Wilko Verweij and colleagues delve into the groundwater issue, with groundwater as protected item. Again, status of past work and outlooks into the Knowledge Impulse are given. Third, the substantial progress of the EU-SOLUTIONS project are elaborated, with special emphasis on the opportunities provided by comprehensive modelling, again with an outlook into the Knowledge Impulse efforts on chemicals to know and reduce their impacts. Finally, Jaap Postma will introduce recent experiences gained after crossing the science-utility bridge: is good science useful, or is there a need “for an extra mile” – and: yes, there is. Jaap will show how the Knowledge Impulse proceeds by involving a broad set of stakeholders – (drinking) water management professionals – in scientific research from the onset of the Program.


C4015 -
    • Chair - A.P. van Wezel
    • Chair - L. Posthuma
    • Chair - P. Schipper
    • Chair - W. Verweij
Bridging the science-utility gap – state of art and experiences
  • Speaker - A.P. van Wezel
Managing aquatic ecosystems under multiple stress – the ecological impact
  • Speaker - T. Buijse
  • Speaker - V. Kaandorp
Groundwater problems: From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)
  • Speaker - W. Verweij
How models contribute to the management of emerging compounds
  • Speaker - L. Oste
Promoting the impact of water science by close alignment with water management professionals