16:00 - 17:30
Session 5.8.: Operationalizing social-ecological resilience in aquatic systems-what narratives can learn us
The last decades, the promising resilience concept has been increasingly applied to different complex systems in order to increase our understanding of the functioning of these systems. Although useful tools to get theory in practice, like frameworks and principles, have been in development we have learned that
there is not one single guideline to operationalise resilience. In this workshop we would like to apply the recently developed narrative approach to the case study of the Dutch shallow lake Markermeer to reveal the challenges for this socio-economic system from scientists and managers .
Firstly, we will introduce the resilience concept and the case study Markermeer. Followed by applying a rather new method that develops narratives to support insights, transformations, evaluations, and accountability with the collective knowledge from raw experiences of people. In the workshop we will
work in small groups on narratives in which all the backgrounds and disciplines have to mix their ideas, background, preferences etc.
We will have a 60 minutes workshop : how narratives can increase our knowledge about social-ecological aquatic systems.

C4014 -
    • Chair - M. Sterk
Introduction on resilience in social-ecological systems
  • Speaker - E.T.H.M. Peeters
From theory to practice
  • Speaker - M. Sterk
Introduction to the power of working with narratives in complex systems; participatory methods of inquiry to make sense of systems dynamics and guide transformations