09:00 - 10:30
Session 6.6: Technologies for risk assessment of micro- and nanoplastics
Within the TRAMP project funded by NWO/TTW and other selected NL projects, technologies are developed for risk assessment of micro- and nanoplastics. The focus is on the analytical challenges, understanding of fate and behaviour of the plastics in the water cycle including the removal in various water treatment technologies, effects of the plastics in the ecosystem, model development and ultimately risk assessment. In this session we will present the first results and future plans and activities of this project and the view of stakeholders, followed by a final round table discussion in which we aim to include as panellists policy makers and NGO representatives. If the conference organizers would prefer more stakeholder views this will be possible.

C4016 -
    • Chair - A.P. van Wezel
Risks of Plastic Debris: Unravelling Fact, Opinion, Perception, and Belief
  • Speaker - B. Koelmans
Microplastic Effect Thresholds for Freshwater Benthic Macroinvertebrates
Closing the gap between small and smaller: Towards a framework to analyse nano- and microplastics in aqueous environmental samples
  • Speaker - P. Bäuerlein
Modeling the Fate and Transport of Plastic Debris in Freshwaters: Review and Guidance
  • Speaker - M. Kooi
View from drinking water perspective
  • Speaker - S. Kools