11:00 - 12:30
Session 7.4: Policy coherence and the Nexus concept; learning from Serious Games

Land, food, energy, water and climate are interconnected, comprising a coherent system (the ‘Nexus’), and dominated by complexity and feedback. Such an integrated approach of the Nexus is critical to secure the efficient and sustainable use of resources (including water). The Nexus concept enables to identify trade-offs and exploit synergies between the interconnected Nexus sectors.

The special session does introduce the Nexus concept with a view to support policy coherence. Also, Serious Games are introduced to learn from experiments and to improve policy coherence through learning by playing. Similar to the OECD approach on policy coherence, we are in favour to design, implement and monitor coherent and integrated policies for sustainable development.

Some examples of Serious Games are presented as a tool for learning-by-playing, allowing the player to reflect on actions taken, and adopt alternative approaches or strategies. Players are able to explore nexus issues at different spatial scales, creating a platform to explore trade-offs, and even more importantly, to exploit synergies between sectors.

The special session includes four presentations to set the scene. We focus on the Nexus concept to better understand policy coherence, and assess the potential added value of Serious Games identifying Nexus-compliant practices. We identify barriers to a resource efficient Europe, including policy inconsistencies and incoherence, knowledge gaps and technology lock-ins.

The four presentations are followed by a panel who will exploit benefits of learning from playing games. Participants from the session (including policy makers and representatives from business and NGOs) are invited to share their experience on policy coherence and possible policy success stories.

The work presented in this session has been funded partly from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 689150 SIM4NEXUS (2016-2020).

C3030 -
    • Chair - F.M. Brouwer
The Nexus concept in transdisciplinary research
  • Speaker - F.M. Brouwer
The nexus and policy coherence
  • Speaker - M.C.H. Witmer
Serious Games in SIM4NEXUS
  • Speaker - J. Luchner
Serious game to manage flood risks
  • Speaker - M. Khoury