09:00 - 10:30
Session 6.1: Micropollutant removal from wastewater; the road to application
The presence of micropollutants, such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, personal-care-products, etc., in wastewater and their removal before discharge into the environment is currently one of the most important topics in the field of wastewater treatment.
The water authorities responsible for wastewater treatment and surface water quality (water boards) are currently developing strategies on how to deal with the topic of micropollutants. Moreover, the national government has assigned €90mln as subsidies for the so called ‘chain approach Pharmaceuticals in Water’. With this subsidy the government stimulates the research and implementation of technologies for the removal of pharmaceuticals and other micropollutants from the watercycle.
Technologies for the removal of micropollutants are currently being researched and developed, also at Wageningen University and various companies. In addition, first pilot tests have been performed at wastewater treatment plants throughout the Netherlands. In summary, there are currently a few technologies ready to be implemented on full scale to prevent further emission of micropollutants to the environment, however there are still many ongoing developments to further improve the removal of micropollutants or make the removal processes more sustainable. Discussion between scientist, leading experts, consultants, authorities etc. will stimulate the development and application of innovative and sustainable technologies.
During the first hour of the session, selected presenters with various backgrounds (university, company, water authority, knowledge institute) will give short presentations of max. 10 minutes on the topic of micropollutant removal from wastewater.
The second part of the session will consist of a plenary discussion by means of an interactive online proposition game in which the entire audience will participate by using their smartphone/laptop. The game will consist of various proposition to stimulate the discussion, leading by an enthusiastic host.

Introduction of topic / session
  • Speaker - A.A.M. Langenhoff
Micropollutants in the Dutch watercycle; fate, effect and removal
Pharmaceutical removal in a 3-step Bio-Ozon-Bio process
Addition of powdered activated carbon in activated sludge (PACAS) for pharmaceutical removal
Ozonation of WWTP-effluent

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Pharmaceutical removal by UV-LED treatment